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Honista download is the latest & most powerful Instagram Mod that brings tons of features and overcomes all the restrictions. It offers a download option that was missing in the initial Insta app. Now you can download videos from posts of your favorite Instagrammers.

honista apk

honista download

Honista download is the latest & most powerful Instagram Mod that brings tons of features and overcomes all the restrictions. It offers a download option that was missing in the initial Insta app. Now you can download videos from posts of your favorite Instagrammers. Save images from all your desired posts. Save reels to your gallery with a triple tap. Get IGTV content in your gallery. Open other profiles and download their profile images to your device gallery. Share original quality HD photos & videos with HonistaInstagram. Track your performance with an insight analysis of this app and boost your social appearance. Get endless customization and use 50+ awesome themes for UI. Try dark mode. Moreover, it blocks ads. You will enjoy a seamless, ad-free, customized, optimized, enhanced, and personalized social experience with this app.

What is Honista APK

Instagram is the most social sharing platform with a 2B+ social community of users. On this platform, users have to face various limitations and tight privacy rules. Hence, different mods have been prepared for this platform that tries to overcome restrictions. Among hundreds of Mods, the Honista App emerges as the megastar for Insta users. It offers a flexible range of privacy rules with personalizations. You can boost your socializing, social influence, and insta experience. It gives an ad-free and fully personalized experience with no restrictions at all.

Features of Honista

This mod version app has many advanced features, personalization, and customization options. Here is what you get with this Insta Mod for your social boost.

Video Download

The first limitation that an official app user faces is content downloading limitation. The official version does not allow downloads from posts, profiles, reels, and images. But this mod allows you to video download in HD quality from anywhere you want. You can download post videos, reel videos, and IGTV videos. Moreover, you can also download live broadcasts of your favorite influencers on that platform.

Save Images

Now you can easily save any post of a profile image from Instagram with Honista APK. It offers easy download methods for downloading & saving images. You can use triple tap to save any post image. Moreover, you can press long on a profile image to get a download button for this image to save it in your gallery.

Customization Galore

The official Instagram app has a rigid UI structure. It does not allow any customization and UI changes to users. But now Honista Instagram gives you customization galore. You can explore your creative skills to redesign the app UI. There are tons of themes you can try with endless customization options for these themes.

Theme Store

This Mod version has a theme store where you can find more than 60 different themes. These themes are designed for the UI of Instagram. You can try various themes to give different layouts and colors to your Instagram experience. Moreover, all themes are customizable which means you can further tweak the UI.


Contrary to the official app, here you won’t face ads in your Insta feeds.  It blocks all sorts of ads from streamable video posts. Moreover, it also removes sponsored advertisements from feeds and image ads. You will get seamless socializing and insta browsing without facing ads.

Ghost Mode

This is a special feature that you never find in any other mod of Instagram. It gives you anonymity on this platform and turns you into a ghost by hiding your presence. You can disable online status, blue ticks in chats, and hide your visibility on this platform.

App Lock

Honista APK always prefers your security and data safety. Hence, it brings in an App-lock. You can use this lock for your Insta app to keep everything password-protected. This app lock supports finger lock, password, PIN, and even pattern lock.

Dark Mode

The majority of mobile users use social media at night in their beds. Hence, to give these social media users an eye-friendly experience this app offers a dark mode. You can switch to this mode with just a single tap and switch back to light mode with ease.

Post Filter

Honista App gives you personalization power. You can filter posts to personalize the Insta feeds. Watch what you wanna watch. Its smart filters allow you to keep videos or images only in your feeds according to your preferences. Moreover, you can further personalize which sorts of videos or images you want in your feeds.

Enhanced Sharing Quality

In the official app, images and videos are compressed. Hence, when you upload HD-quality videos & images their quality is dented after posting due to compression. But this app brings in enhanced sharing joy with original quality sharing. You can upload HD videos, and high-quality images without compromising their quality.

Personalized Privacy

Honista brings in privacy personalizations for its users. You can set up your own personalization rules for your posts, reels, broadcasts, and conversations. It offers anonymity and privacy features for chat & social experience.

Built-in Translator

No language barrier while connecting to the world with the honista download. It has a built-in translator that readily translates text information. You can convert text messages, captions, and comments, into your desired language.

Multi-language Support

It supports many languages for app UI to give a native experience to different users in different countries. You can select from more than two dozen popular languages.

honista download

A comparison b/w this mod and the official version is given here. It will give you a better idea to choose b/w the two after comparing their peaks and valleys.

Official App

  • The official app of Instagram has complete security, verification, and data privacy.
  • Rigid UI structure with no customizations.
  • Plenty of ads.
  • Does not allow any download of video posts, images, or any other media content.
  • No personalization and anonymity features.

Honista App

  • Third-party version.
  • Insecure and may lead to device hazards & and an account ban.
  • Brings 60+ themes & customizations.
  • Dark mode.
  • Ad-blockers and post-filters for seamless socializing.
  • Anonymity and privacy features with ghost mode and customized privacy.

How to Download Insta Reels & Videos?

Honista APK allows you video downloads from reels and posts that were restricted in the official app. This app has easy methods for downloading reels and videos. There are two different methods to grab reels and post videos.

  • The first method is the easiest of the two. In this method, you have to make a quick triple tap on any video. This video will be downloaded instantly into your gallery in no time.
  • In the second method, you have to use the long press method. Just tap on any video or reel you wanna download. Now long press on it, and a download option will appear for you. Use this download button and the video will be saved into your gallery.

Honista Atualizado

This is an unofficial mod of Instagram that does not come up with any sort of auto-update feature. You have to manually update it from any trusted website or platform. This page is also a good option to go for updates on this app. Use the download button to update the app to the latest version. This download button contains the latest mod version of the Honista Instagram app. You can sneak peek into other profiles to watch their profile pictures, images, and highlights and download them. There is a wide range of


Honista is your complete Instagram app with all advancements, innovations, and pro features. You can unlock the full potential of the Insta app and enjoy unofficial Pro features with ease. Download video content, reels, posts images, and media content. It offers a long-press download option and triple-tap easy downloads. Open the profiles of others, preview images, and download them in the gallery. Block all sorts of in-stream ads, sponsored ads, and post ads. Enjoy personalized news feeds and Insta browsing. Enhance your followers and social influence with insight analysis and performance trackers. Honista Download and enjoy a seamless, ad-free, and completely unlocked Insta experience.